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Word Meaning
Faction A group of players linked together on a team.
Relation The connection between a set of teams (ally, truce, enemy, neutral).
Ally A faction that is with you and can be trusted.
Truce A temporary alliance between two Factions.
Enemy A faction that you or your faction are against.
Neutral The default relation between two factions.
Chunks In Minecraft, this is 16 blocks wide and 16 blocks long on the X and Z-axis. This stretches to the bottom of the world.
Claims The amount of land (chunks) you take up when using the command /f claim.
Territory The area or claims when using /f map. The more power, and members you have the more land you can claim.
Over-Claim This is when a faction has more land than power. Factions are allowed to claim on a factions territory.
Power The influence that a faction has. Can be used to claim land. You can lose power if a player dies, and that can lead to being over-claimed.
Description What players get to know about the faction.
Balance The amount of money the player has in or outside of the faction. There are player balances and faction balances.
Warp The destination or a location that can be used to be teleported to. An alternative way of travel.
Raid The word one uses to destroy, loot or obliterate a faction using force, strategy, and or TNT.
Permission The authority to do something.
TNT Bank TNT that can be stored as part of the faction. Can be filled into dispensers or siphoned from them.