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This page contains information only useful to plugin developers

Maven details:

groupId: com.massivecraft
artificatId: Factions


FLocation is a Chunk wrapper. If you ever want to deal with the map, claimed land, or something similar, you'll need to convert a Location or Chunk into an FLocation, both of which are super easy :)

Getting from a Bukkit Location.

FLocation flocation = new FLocation(Location);

Getting from a Chunk

FLocation flocation = new FLocation(chunk.getWorld().getName(), chunk.getX(), chunk.getZ());


There is always 1 FPlayer object for each player that's been on the server, including online ones. It's very easy to get the associated FPlayer if you already have the Bukkit Player or their UUID.

By Bukkit Player

FPlayer fplayer = FPlayers.getInstance().getByPlayer(Player);


FPlayer fplayer = FPlayers.getInstance().getById(uuid.toString());

Get Role

Role fplayerRole = fplayer.getRole();


There are multiple ways you can get a Faction.

Most common is by name

Faction faction = Factions.getInstance().getFactionById("name");

If you have a FLocation, you can get the Faction that owns it (including Wilderness, Warzone, and Safezone)

Faction faction = Board.getInstance().getFactionAt(fLocation);