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Fancy variables. Can only be used in /f show

Variable Explanation
{allies-list} Lists each faction ally with tooltips
{enemies-list} Lists each faction enemy with tooltips
{online-list} Lists all online members with tooltips
{offline-list} Lists all offline members with tooltips

Player variables. Can be used in, scoreboards, or /f show

Variable Explanation
{group} Players group (/f show only)
{name} Players name
{lastSeen} Last time player was seen (if offline), or just 'Online'
{balance} Players balance
{player-kills} # of kills the player has
{player-deaths} # of deaths the player has
{player-power} Current player power
{player-maxpower} Player max power
{total-online-visible} # of players online from the perspective of the current player

Faction variables. Can be used in tooltips.list, scoreboards, or /f show

Variable Explanation
{header} Default factions header (ex. /f show)
{faction} Factions tag (if none, uses lang.yml for factionless name)
{faction-relation-color} Factions color relative to the viewer
{joining} How to join this faction
{power} Factions deaths until raidable value
{power-boost} DTR Symbol based on current DTR (max, regen, frozen, raidable)
{maxPower} Factions max deaths until raidable value
{chunks} # of claims faction has (in chunks)
{warps} # of warps faction has
{description} Factions description
{create-date} Date faction was created
{leader} Faction leader
{land-value} Value of all claims
{land-refund} Calculated refund value
{allies} # of allies faction has
{enemies} # of enemies faction has
{online} # of faction members online
{offline} # of faction members offline
{members} # of faction members (includes offline)
{faction-balance} Faction bank balance
{world}, {x}, {y}, {z} Faction home variables. You don't need to use them all.
{faction-kills} # of kills the faction has
{faction-deaths} # of deaths the faction has
{faction-bancount} # of bans the faction has
{raidable} Displays true/false (modifiable in lang.yml)
{dtr} Current faction DTR
{max-dtr} Max faction DTR based on players
{max-chunks} Maximum claims the faction can have (power or DTR)
{peaceful} Displays a message if peaceful
{permanent} Displays a message if permanent
{dtr-frozen-status} True or false (customizable in lang.yml) for DTR frozen state
{dtr-frozen-time} Time remaining in frozen state (configure in main.conf) or blank if not frozen
{tnt-balance} TNT bank balance
{tnt-max-balance} Maximum TNT bank balance

Faction Permissions GUI variables. Can only be used in GUI

Variable Explanation
{relation} Shows relation name (Can be used in action and relation)
{relation-color} Relation color
{action} Shows action name (Can only be used in action)
{action-access} Shows the action's access with current relation
{action-access-color} Access color

General variables. Can be used anywhere.

Variable Explanation
{total-online} Total # of players on the server
{max-warps} Max # of warps a faction can set
{max-allies} Max # of allies a faction can have
{max-enemies} Max # of enemies a faction can have
{factionless} Count of all factionless players online
{factionless-total} Count of all factionless players online