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First Steps

When joining a server for the first time, you can either join an existing faction or create your own.

Joining a faction involves fewer steps, as you just need to use the join command, so let's go your own way.

Make your faction

Time to make your own new faction! The create command lets you set the faction's name:

/f create koolkids

Awesome! Now koolkids is a real faction and you're its leader! Let's give it a good description:

/f desc Where all the kool kids hang out

Very intimidating! Time to really intimidate with a quality base. Find a good looking chunk and claim it.

/f claim

You are now the proud owner of a chunk! Build yourself a little house, maybe put a bed inside, and set faction home.

/f sethome

Now, your faction members can teleport to this location to go back to the base. Wait! You need members!

/f invite jeb_

If he so chooses, jeb_ can now /f join koolkids and be a part of your faction!

There are many more commands in Factions, detailed on the next page.